About Us


  • Spaces
    Provide spaces suitable for makers and innovation teams
    Demo Round– good for competitions, sharing meeting, courses, fitting up to 100 people
    Idea Pitch – suitable for demonstrating machines or products
    Innovation Hall – good for meetings, seminars, and classes, fitting up to 75 people
    Foodie Ark – good for relaxation or meeting, fitting up to 40 people
    Small meeting rooms – good for discussions or meetings, fitting 4-6 people
    Maker Garage – equipped with facilities for assembly, application, and development of AI robots.
  • Equipment
    Provides rental services for robotic equipment and maker machines
    Basic and advanced competition robots to provide programming and practices
    Intermediate and advanced 3D printers
    Multi-function robotic arms
    AI computing equipment
    Equipment and machines in Maker Space
  • Competitions
    Provide robotics training courses and competition platform services
  • Courses/
    Provide diversified maker equipment training courses
    Basic and application courses for software/hardware equipment
    AI equipment related
    Courses for programming
    Community activities – Robot Night
    International forums
  • Technology Services
    Provide startups, makers, and industry with robot design and technology development consultations
    Equipment available for prototyping and verifications to reduce try-and-error time
  • Match-making Services
    Provide startups, makers, and industry with technology and operation consultations
    Assist in cross-domain/organization connections for innovation technology/product teams